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NJ Prom Limo Tips



Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights on the teen calendar. From preparing her fancy dress, hair and makeup to ordering expensive flowers, every girl would like to make this night special. A ride in a limo of NJ to the big event can do just that and more; transforming Prom night into an extraordinarily memorable and enchanting evening.
But not all NJ Limo companies are created equally. In fact, renting a limo from a poor quality limousine company can ruin your night. Here are a few tips on renting a limousine from a professional and reliable chauffeured limousine company:

1. Talk to your friends early for Limo Renting Preparation. The demand for limousines during the spring season can be overwhelming when so many others are renting limousines for Proms, graduations, weddings, casino trips, organized functions, wine tours or a night on the town. Talk to your friends early and decide who will be in your limo group, so that you can book your reservations and get the limousine that your group would want.

2. Show up in style. A unique chauffeured car will definitely set you apart from the rest. There are many styles available such as stretch limos with special limousine interiors, limo sedans and party buses. Depending on the number of people you will have in the car with you, you may want a certain make or model. Choose something that suits your mood and shows you off.

3. Allow time to take lots of pictures. You’re definitely going want some memories, so plan for everyone to meet up for prom at one location (make sure the limo company and the chauffeur have address and directions). This will eliminate wasting time that can be used for taking pictures and hanging with friends. You can even ask the driver to position the chauffeured vehicle to be a part of the shot.

4. Ask about our perks. We provide beverages, and tunes for the ride over to the party. Ask in advance about the amenities that are available, such as sparkling cider to toast the night away. Also ask about the type of music available – be prepared to take some mix CD’s that will have enough music for the whole ride so that you have the coolest music for the special night!

5. Extend the night. Don’t forget that there is always a post-prom party. Remember to book your ride for a few extra hours to ensure you have time to have a great time! Most importantly, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
Prom Tips for Parents

Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights on the teen calendar. From the moment your son or daughter find their date, to the moment he or she shows up at the door, every moment needs to count towards making the night both safe and special. Though you may worry about your child staying out late on Prom night, hiring a chauffeured car for the most important social event of the year can transform Prom night into an extraordinarily memorable, safe and enchanting evening for your teenager and offer the parent the peace of mind to make it through!
We at TRU Limousine suggests these five tips when you hire a transportation service for your teenager’s big night:

1. Ask the limousine company for the Prom Promise. This is a document that teens sign in agreement of not drinking or taking drugs on Prom night. We offer our limousine and chauffeured transportation contract as a way to give parents an outlet to discuss the importance of safety on Prom with their teens.

2. Give us curfew. That’s right! Our chauffeur will abide by any rules you set forth, and will make sure to pick up and drop off your kids at a designated hour. This is a great way ensure your kids make it home on time, no excuses.

3. Check the industry associations to make sure our company is reputable. We at TRU Limousine must abide by special insurance regulations and service rules. Do your due diligence as a parent to ensure your child and friends are safe and secure.

4. Set some ground rules. As the parent, you have the right to tell us what will and will not be tolerated in the vehicle. For example, you can ask that the chauffeur keep the privacy screen down for the entire ride, so that he/she has a full grasp of what your kids are up to. If any of your rules are broken, the chauffeur can turn the car around and bring your kids home.

5. Remember to sit back and relax. Our reputable limousine company hires drivers with proper training and licensing. Our chauffeurs are used to carting around excited passengers all day long, so they know how to keep things under control.

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Limousine Renting Tips when hiring a limousine company.

New Jersey Wedding Limos Service planning or Wedding Limousine tips.

Utilize these limousine wedding planning tips to ensure you limousine rental is safe and problem free.
What should your budget be for a Wedding Limousine party?
This depends on the type of limousine you select, the number of limos you are planning to rent and the length of time you rent your limousine for. Please understand that most limousine services have a rental minimum of 3 hours for a wedding. A typical wedding limousine rental package runs from $250 - $500 for 3 hours of service depending on your vehicle preference. Exotic limousine choices cost much higher. For example, a standard white 8-passenger stretch limousine would rent in the $250-$350 range while an exotic vehicle, such as a Stretch SUV Excursion would rent in the $500-$1,000 range - a big price difference!
When do you start shopping?
A good time to begin your wedding limo shopping is 6 to 9 months before your wedding date. Delays in your shopping could result in not finding your vehicle of choice. Conversely, most companies do not handle inquiries for service which extend beyond 1 year. To be taken seriously by a limousine service, it is best to begin your shopping duties within a year of your wedding date.

Can my bridal party fit in the limo?Most limousines simply are not big enough to accommodate 12-14 people. Exotic vehicles can accommodate larger parties but are more expensive. When shopping, make sure you specify the number of passengers that are going to be in your limousine wedding party. Although a limo might be designated as a "10 - passenger" limousine, it may be difficult to squeeze 10 adults dressed in formal attire in such limos.

Should i get a contract?Having a contract with your chosen limo company is a wise decision which will help avert any problems in the future should your hired service not perform to your expectations. Sadly, many firms do not put their services in writing- you should require it!

What is a good time to hold my wedding?
If you haven't yet planned a wedding date, we strongly advise picking a date which DOES NOT occur in the springtime.

During prom season (March - June) prices are exorbitantly high because the demand for limo service skyrockets. Prom attendees scoop up all available services and many bridal parties are left without limo service options. In the spring, bridal parties may find themselves with limo options that require 8 hours minimum and rental rates 30% higher than normal. If your wedding date is in the spring, we suggest starting your limo search 1 year before your wedding date. You should also plan on making reservations 1 year in advance as well. For wedding dates during other seasons, 6 months is adequate.

Do we pay while the limo is waiting?You still have to pay for the rental time during your wedding even if you aren't physically using the vehicle. Although the vehicle is not in use, it cannot be used elsewhere; even when there are 2 or 3 hours in between the drop-off and pickup. However, exceptions do exist when there are 6 to 8 hours between a pick-up and drop-off.

Can we rent a limo for 1 hour?
No. Most companies require a minimum 3 hour booking to rent a limousine. During prom season, expect this minimum to increase; as much as 8 hours minimum. High demand vehicles such as Stretch Excursions will often rent at full price with an 8 hour minimum. Unfortunately, you are more likely to get struck by lightning than getting a limousine rental for 1 or 2 hours during prom season. Limo prices explode during prom season, including weddings!

Are there any discounts for my wedding?
Depends on the day and length of time rented. However, limousine services do not offer discounts during prom time.

The demand for limousines during the spring exceeds the supply. This shortage causes an increase in prices and hourly minimums. Some companies may offer a discount for a rental which exceeds 8 hours.

What kind of limousines does TRU Limousine own?
We are constantly upgrading our NJ Limo Rental Fleet. Our limo fleet is quite extensive, consisting of a wide range of available limousine configurations, colors and limousine makes and models. We have exotic limousines, Lincoln Stretch Limousines, Cadillac Limos all configurations, Corvette Limousines, Lamborghini Limos, Porsche limousines, Exotic Foreign Automobile Limos, BMW Limousines, Ford truck limousines, SUV Limousine, GMC SUV Limousines, Hummer H1 Limos, Hummer H2 Limousines, Hummer H3 Limousines.